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This feature, obvious from inside the contrasting away from son and characteristics, is shown during the Lithuanian music by the Roentgen

Trees try designated professionals and you will had been a separate and you will ‘detailed code regarding plants’ inside synchronous photos away from character and kid

This new synchronous of your tree and also the man from inside the music is actually constantly apprehended due to the fact a wholly typological prominent characteristic of your poetic visitors heritage. At the same time such as a judgement of your own image of trees orients for the interpretation from the a concrete top, regarding physical stature of 1 poetic lifestyle. Within the Lithuanian someone audio the research of image has already end up being extremely acute on the withering out from a vivacious community out-of folklore, the issue of its enough recognition and with the broadening most regarding guides into the tune community. Later, the main popular features of the portrayal out of trees inside Lithuanian group sounds is reviewed inside reference to the study of performs, schedule feasts’, wedding, battle and you may historical songs (around 100,000 variants).

An identical implication around the world out-of plants had been featured to own inside the Lithuanian folklore too (Zemp 1979)

The essential function from man’s isomorphism, hitting the eye into the Lithuanian audio, is the division of woods with regards to the sex of its labels, adequate to brand new separating out of man’s world considering intercourse (referring throughout the implicative bond from gender and gender, preferred to help you a vocabulary typically; sex =) gender). Meulen, the newest genesis of the visualize being related to the fresh new animistic ideas (Meulen 1919). V. Sruoga imagined only the types of the poetical vocabulary (Sruoga ), ergo the brand new event was examined mainly on the point of view of its aesthetic function from the text. Nonetheless, its getting just new feature out of poetic layout, was attested by a distinct shipping from woods off masculine and you may women sex when you look at the people values, rites and you will tradition of various countries (Ruke-Dravina -31; Roux ).

It’s interesting you to personified trees into the Lithuanian individuals songs is oriented socially. Trees out-of male and you will feminine men and women describe the new members of a great quick social classification – a household (father/mom, son / child, brother/sister) properly. Including an assessment away from woods and individuals as though lovers that have the transference of popular features of a people to the world out of lifestyle beings and vegetation, well-known to help you archaic religions (Zelenin ). Incidentally, Lithuanian men songs usually have only the development of such analysis. Needless to say this new pine or some other forest out of masculine intercourse is actually compared to the dad, son, otherwise sister. The connection regarding tangible variety Match vs Plenty of Fish cost of woods so you can people in a good family unit members isn’t in the end settled even though a very outlined standing was demonstrably designated: the brand new pine / dad, the brand new apple forest/mommy, new maple/sister, the red-colored dogwood (the cornel) / sister, child. The fresh new variation away from forest photo (and you will such as for example allogisms) for the parallel buildings are as a result of brand new distinct features away from poetic code, particularly from the particular reputation of your own nomination out of intercourse and you may input folklore (this new linden is not merely sort of a tree, it’s with ease identified with other representatives away from a course out-of trees) (Khrolenko ). Simultaneously, on to the floor of not simply poetical but linguistic study since well, this has been going the term away from a pine, for example, to start with expressed a category in place of a particular version of trees. Quite simply, their name should have signified a forest generally (Friedrich -141 ; Portsig ). Around fore, the personal positioning out of types of trees in the someone music cause a properly-dependent notice. Contained in this esteem brand new Latvian poetical picture of woods is particularly fascinating. For the Latvian folk tunes woods are not just than the users out-of a family (the fresh new pine / father, the new willow/brother), independent brand of trees try associated with different symptoms from mans life: the brand new linden / a girl, the brand new bird-cherry/a female, the apple tree/a father or mother (Ruke-Dravina ). Besides, brand new forest image inside Latvian people sounds is frequently put figuratively, a tree substituting the actual label off a guy.

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