Kit Thomas, CPA

PricingPricing plans

Kit Thomas, CPA office offers a variety of client services. Our goal is to equip our clients with the knowledge needed to get where they want to be.

Federal Individual Return
  • $50 for each state
  • Audit protection included
  • Preparation fee deducted from refund
  • Copy of completed 1040

Schedule C/Self-Employed
  • Same as Federal Individual return +
  • Estimated self-employment tax calculation
  • Business deduction analysis
  • Attached schedule C

Business Partnership Tax Return
  • Complete form 1065
  • Current year basis calculation*
  • K1 schedule generated
  • Audit protection
  • $50 for each required state

Small Business (S-CORP) Tax Return
  • Complete 1120s
  • Current year basis calculation*
  • Audit protection
  • $50 for each required state

Reasonable Compensation Determination
  • Accepted IRS report
  • 4 different approaches for calculating compensation
  • 1 free adjustment to report within 2 years
  • IRS reasonable compensation compliant

Basis Reconstructing
  • Completed Form 7203 (New requirement in 2022)
  • Up to 3 past years of reconstructing
  • IRS compliant reporting
  • Review prior 3 years of basis calculation

*Current year basis calculation only included when we also prepare your federal individual tax return